Delain, We Are The Others Album Review

Founded by ex-Within Temptations keyboardist Martijn WesterholtDelian are set to release their 3rd studio album “We Are The Others” via Sensory Records July 3rd 2012. “We went to Stockholm with 20+ songs to work on, and that was already preceded by an earlier selection, so we wrote a lot of material for this record, which is good, because we were really able to choose which songs would be best both on their own and in the context of the album as a whole. We didn’t have to put anything on just because we needed another song, you know? So there’s no fillers there.” says vocalist Charlotte Wessels of the new album.

The band rounded out by Bassist Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije, Guitarist Timo Somers, and drummer Sander Zoer this album was a first of many for the band. “First of all; we worked with the external production team of Tripod (Jacob HellnerFredrik ThomanderAnders Wikstrom) for the very first time (previous albums were produced by our keyboard player Martijn with Oliver Phillips) which asked for kind of a different approach, not in the last place because Jacob wanted to hear fifteen songs before even confirming to work with us, so we had to present decent sounding demo’s quite early in the process.” explains Charlotte, “On previous records we used to work a lot on separate islands so to speak; We’d work on our department of the music individually and then bring it together at one point, but this time we also decided to get together with the Delain writing team (Martijn, Guus Eikens and myself, Oliver Phillips too is still involved in many chapters of this process) and write the songs from scratch, together. This resulted in some songs I think we would never have come up with in the old way of writing.”

The album is very guitar driven in compared to their previous releases. More groove and less keyboards. “The keys still play a very prominent role, but there’s less layers of them. Also when it comes to lyrics; it’s less metaphors, more straightforward messages.” Charlotte explains and it clearly shows growth as a band both in songwriting and willingness to explore within their songwriting. One thing I noticed in The new album is that the production value is high and it gives every instrument it’s in your face sound with nothing being left behind.

On the song “Where Is My Blood” Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell makes an appearance. I asked Charlotte how this came about, “The idea for this probably started two summers ago when we played the Sonisphere festival and then Wacken open Air a few weeks after each other. I had known Fear Factory and loved their songs for a long time, but I only saw them live first at Sonisphere, and I was completely blown away! When we played at Wacken a bit later I met Burton, we had a really nice talk and we stayed in touch afterwards. When we were working on ‘Where is the Blood’ a summer after that, we felt that the song needed a male counterpart, both vocally and lyrically. We all imagined Burton’s voice would sound really cool there and fortunately he was happy to help us out.”

Another song that made a big impact is the outsiders anthem “We Are The Others” as Charlotte explained “In a world divided by binary oppositions such as black/white, straight/gay, man/woman, or mainstream versus subculture like in the case of Sophie Lancaster ( whose story we tell in this song, we tried with these lyrics to reclaim the word ‘other’ and make it a positive thing” for which I feel they achieved greatly.

All in all this is a great album full of catchy grooves, catchy melodies, and emotional lyrics. The passion that everyone is putting into the music shows immensely which is a rarity these days with the radio mainstream. In the world of Symphonic Rock/Metal, Delain is on top of the game with no signs of slowing down anytime soon!


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