Accept‘s Stalingrad was released on 9th April 2012 on Nuclear Blast. This album is 10 tracks  long and is available in several different versions: it is available as the standard CD, special box set which includes the CD and DVD, also including abonus tracks (“Never Forget”), and is also available digitally. The DVD is an official boutleg which contains live footage and two videos. This album was produced and mixed by Andy Sneap.

It is easy to say that I’m not the biggest Accept fan, and this is my first taste of them. Needless to say that I really enjoyed this album, it is full of excellent guitar work by Wolf and Herman. The vocals are really delivered well, and mixed really well by Andy so that they’re not too overpowering but just about right. The bass is thick and strong, usually mixed low in metal records but Andy does a brilliant job of making it clear. The drums are right on point and extremely tight, often Stefan uses a lot of 4/4 rhythms but there this the odd double kick and well written fills.

The music is really written well, and I found myself listening to this album several times before making my mind up. The music itself is heavy and well written so you can tell that these guys have been around for a while, isn’t it something like 25 years or more?

The album doesn’t really any “mellow” songs in general, but it’s heavy and up-tempo, with some excellent guitar, bass, vocal and drum work.

Overall, this is an excellent album by Accept, and is an album you could listen to over and over again. I certainly did, anyways. My favourite tracks are: “Stalingard”, “Hellfire” and “Against The World” — these are the tracks that stood out to me, I really love the epic feel to Stalingard. It is an album that has been based around the troubles of Russia, and Accept have really thought about their end product. It certaintly shows when a non-fan of Accept like myself, has bought their album and loved it.

My rating: 5/5



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